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Yoga Tree 免責に関する同意書






私は、Yoga Treeでのオンライン、スタジオでのレッスンやワークショップ、イベントなどにおいて自らの責任の下に、安全に注意を払い参加することを承諾します。


万一、レッスン中に負傷・疾病などが発生し、罹病した場合、後遺症が発生した場合、死亡した場合についても自ら責任を負うことを承諾し、その原因のいかんに関わらずYoga Tree及びその所有者、インストラクター、関係者に対する一切の責任を問わないことを承諾します。


私は良好な健康状態にあり、クラス参加に支障となる重大な疾病や心血管障害がないことを認めます。 既に先天的あるいは後天的な理由で、怪我、病気、心血管障害、アレルギー等身体機能の一部に障害を持っている場合は主治医の承諾の下、Yoga Treeのインストラクターに申告することを承諾します。







個人情報は緊急時の連絡やYoga Treeが配信するイベント等のご案内などを目的に収集されることを理解した上で、自らの意志で個人情報を提供することに同意します。







Yoga Tree Waiver

I accept and assume all responsibility for the risk of injury to myself, or loss of property, during the practice of yoga or other activities at the studio or online at Yoga Tree. I waive any claim that I, or my family, estate or heir, may have at any time for injury or other loss against Yoga Tree, its owners or any person or entity involved therewith.


I affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability or cardiovascular problems that would prevent or limit my participation in the physical exercise of hatha yoga. I acknowledge that Yoga Tree recommends that I consult with my healthcare provider before participating in their yoga program. I agree to notify my healthcare provider and my instructor at Yoga Tree should I experience any injury, illness, cardiovascular problems or other conditions that may affect my participation in yoga activities.


I affirm that I have notified my yoga instructor if I am pregnant, and that if I become pregnant I will notify my yoga instructor and discuss with my healthcare provider prior to participating in yoga-related activities at Yoga Tree. I accept the full risk of practicing yoga while pregnant.

I affirm that recording of online classes is prohibited.


I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above paragraphs and I release Yoga Tree, its owners and instructors from any and all liability for injury to my person, death, or damage to my property incurred by any reason during my participation in activities at, or organized by, Yoga Tree.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel, please inform us 2 hours before the class. We will email you regarding refund. Once the class has started or you cancel without notifying us, we will deduct a ticket.

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