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Teacher Training & Continuing Education

At Yoga Tree we offer a wide range of courses and content both for current teachers seeking to improve their teaching skills and for students interested in learning to teach yoga. Our 200-hour Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance. We divide our teacher-training program into 5 modules, which may be taken separately. Many current teachers enroll in some of the classes to gain knowledge and improve their skills. The modular format allows you to progress at your own pace and tailor the content to your interests. Our focus is on producing excellent teachers, so we make your skills development the priority.

Module 1:
Detailing the Asanas

This module includes a 16-session course centered on 50 commonly taught asanas, as well as a mini-course on advanced asanas; the practice and teaching of restorative yoga; and special topics such as core strength and functional movement.

Module 2:
Yoga Intensive

25-30 hour course centered on the practice and teaching of asana

allows you to immerse yourself in the practice to expand your knowledge.

Module 3:
Yoga Philosophy & Subtle Body Practices

This module includes a brief course in the philosophy and concepts underlying yoga;

experiential practices in pranayama and meditation; and discussion-based classes that illuminate the history and texts of yoga.

Module 4:
Anatomy, Science of Movement &
Therapeutic Applications of Yoga

20-hour course comprising hands-on practices, lectures and discussion on the anatomy of human movement, and the health benefits and risks of yoga practices.

Module 5:
Teaching Methodology & Practicum

The final module centers on the knowledge you will need to teach group and individual classes; sessions include how to sequence classes, spotting and adjustments, how to students with special needs, and more.
You will also assist and teach classes as part of the program.


Most of the sessions in our program may be taken individually on a drop-in basis.

If you are interested in learning more about our curriculum and the schedule of upcoming classes, please write to us.

Current & Upcoming Sessions

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